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How Do You Think About a Corporate Office Interior Design?

corporate office interior design

How Do You Think About a Corporate Office Interior Design?

An office is an institution where products are not usually bought and sold but all such decisions are made. In almost every large business organization maintains two types of office such as local office and corporate office. The local office is usually the district dealer where the work of buying and selling goods directly and handling such customers is done. But the corporate office is basically the head office where all kinds of work decisions are made, planning, instructions, rules and regulation is done. Justas there are some difference between local office and corporate office work, there are also some differences between their interior design also.

Every office interior design firm focus basically 2 things when they decide to design the corporate office. The first one is small space office interior and the other one is large space office interior.

Small Spaced Office Interior Design

Some mandatory things to think about to design a small spaced office interior design

Think about customer’s demand, budget and space

Almost all of the office interior design company in Bangladesh have a team of skilled designers, engineers, and staffs whose job is to design the most modern office space within the budget and limited space as per the customer’s demand. When designing office interior in small spaces, interior design firms need to focus on ensuring maximum customer satisfaction at the lowest cost and keeping all kinds of facilities available in a short range which takes the corporate office to a unique level. On the one hand it will show the efficiency of the work of interior firms, on the other hand, it will also increase the work speed of the office workers.

Best use of every corner of the office space

Since office space is limited, interior firms must ensure proper use of space. A corner of the office cannot be left empty unnecessarily. Either there is placed for decorating items or design for office equipment such as photocopy machine, printer, filter etc. office furniture should be selected keeping in mind that every corner of the office or every square foot of space can be used properly, such as no furniture can be placed in a triangle shaped corner, so it is necessary to arrange designer shelves so that it could be used in office purpose.

Ensure Aesthetic Wall Decoration and color combination

Since the office space is limited so they will not be able to decorate the office in a lot of space that is why the office walls have to be aesthetic and colorful. Paintings, plants and appropriate color combinations on the office not only create motivation in the work of the office but also increase the office beauty. In many times corporate office wants to proper use of their wall by designing shelves for keeping their sample products. Only proper color combination can create the space seems to be large and color can ensure natural light in the office. Best small office interior design means having all of these facilities in one farm.

Focus on organized and furnished conference room

The best office interior design, no matter how small the office space , there will be a conference room which should be organized to seat minimum 10 or 15 employees and well furnished. Because all kinds of plans, decisions, orders, instructions go to the local office from the corporate office and these decisions have to be taken based on the opinion of everyone in the conference room. Although the office space is small, the conference space should be well furnished, decorated and ensure natural light.

Collaborated Desk:

As the office space is limited so it is not possible to ensure individual desk for individual employees so double sided desk or collaborated desk is the best possible solution for this problem. This collaboration design not only save the office space but also creates a good relation among the employees because they can discuss to each other when anyone face any problem. Sometimes it removes their monotony.

Large Spaced Office Interior Design

Some mandatory things to think about to design a large spaced office interior design

Make an overall outline

When office interior design firm get a chance to design a large spaced corporate office it is their first task to visit the location with the whole team who will be involved in this design. then the designer of the interior design firm make a proper outline of this space .this outline should cover the exact square feet of the space, how many rooms will be designed, weather glass or wood will be used for decorating , which color would be perfectly matched , which type of furniture will be matched etc.

Design the floor based on activity

As there is no limitation of space so the office interior design firm can design the office floor based on their activity. For example all the employees who are engaged in accountants and finance department are placed in one floor and IT based employees are placed another floor so that they can collaborate their activities with each other. Besides if any employees need private or noise free space to complete his/ her task so there would a private space for these type employees. Again sometimes employees need to discuss their progress or activities to other employees or trainers so if the interior design firm makes open or collaboration space it will be the best corporate office interior design.

Ensure furnished and aesthetic furniture for entertaining customers

Customers are the main wealth of any organization by considering this issue office interior design firm should focus extra care when choose furniture for the customers. Sometimes many royal customers visit the office space to deal with so the reception space should be well decorated with classic furniture and healthy sofa as this reception place would be unforgettable and charming.

Ensure individual desk

Office interior design firm can ensure individual desk with moveable ergonomic chair and waste basket for every employees if the office space is large. Best office interior design firm decorate the CEO’s room uniquely so that it will be looked different from others. Normally this room will decorate with glass wall to ensure transparency among all the employees. Besides these glass walls and windows increase the office beauty and ensure vitamin D for the employees .it also help to enter into the natural sunlight in the office space. If interior design firm design individual desk for every employees it will help the employees to concentrate their own job which increase their productivity and perfection.

Design should be staff oriented

Every office interior design should be staff oriented that means the office ensure all types of facilities which can motivate the employees and create a homely environment so that they can stay a long period in the office and can concentrate their job. For ensuring the extracting facilities for the staffs interior design firm can do the following things.

  • Design an indoor games room for entertain the employees
  • Design a flower garden in a separate corner of the office
  • Ensure meal space with organized furniture
  • Ensure a guest room where the employees’ guest can take rest
  • Create a breastfeeding corner with a suitable chair/sofa for women employees
  • Designing a tea or coffee corner for entertaining employees to remove their tiredness.

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