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How Do I Become A Home Interior Designer Without A Degree?

how do I become home interior designer without degree

How Do I Become A Home Interior Designer Without A Degree?

Interior Designer Without A Degree

As people’s money increases, so do their tastes and quality of life. From that idea, people now attach special importance to the interior. The more beautiful and pleasant the interior of the house, the stronger will be the symbol of the taste of the house. The home interior again depends on the interior designer. Nowadays designing is a subject of study and it is also a good profession. There are many home interior design company in Bangladesh but all are not as famous as to popular to all.

The name and fame of an interior design company are basically based on the creativity of the designer. Besides these team management, budget, transparency, punctuality etc. are also good factors. But the designer is the main factor after all. Some people in the world are born for creative work. They are not interested in the usual work like others. They want to make the latent artistic style of the mind a reality through their work.

Designing is absolutely creative work. If we review the history, we will see that the Taj Mahal, Lalbagkella, Ahsan Manzil, the sixty domed mosque and thousands of other establishments outside the country have become famous only for their craftsmanship. But then the designer did not have an institutional degree, only with artistic thinking, they are creating world-famous installations which have been a surprise to everyone for ages.

Being a home decorator, like being a hairstylist or a makeup artist, is a job that requires a degree. This is not a knock on those who choose to go that route, but it is just a fact of life. However, if you are truly passionate about being an interior designer, there are a few options you can pursue without a degree. And many of them are in areas you have an interest in, such as art, photography, or interior styling.

So, it can be said that without an institutional degree one can become a home interior designer. But to be a home interior designer a person must have some basic quality. These qualities are given below-

1. Observe and learn

To be an interior designer one must have creative eye development or developing his/her eye on detail at a first glance. It is very essential for an interior designer to observe the surroundings very carefully and find creativity and design sensibility. Besides this, it is most important to pay attention to graphics, clothing, architecture, color, landscaping, lighting etc. an interior designer must observe a monument with deep emotion and should find out the inner beauty and learn a lot.

2. A creative bent of mind

An interior designer must be creative which means he/she should acquire the skill of creativity and imagination power of thinking new and innovating new things. A creative mind can innovate new designs of ceilings, floor plans, the new shapes of color and light combination.

3. Embark on a new venture

To be a successful interior designer popularity is very important. To acquire this popularity one can create a website, blog about interior design where he can show his creativity, designs and talk about the innovation. He can also open a new company or his own chamber to gather people where he can advertise his own venture.

4. In-depth knowledge and psychology of colors

Knowledge of color combination is very important in this sector. Color can change the whole interior and create a new vibe naturally. The drawing room’s wall color and bedroom’s wall color must be different.

5. How to combine colors

The combination of dark red, pink or blue in the drawing-room is as eye-catching as the color and white in the children’s bedroom. So there should be an idea of which color should be in which room and which color should be combined with which color.

6. Knowledge of ventilation and airflow

Ventilation and air circulation is the main part of any house interior. The interior designer must have the knowledge if there is a window on any side of the house, there will be light ventilation, natural air will come and you have an idea about how to make proper arrangements to get the hot air out of the kitchen.

7. Ample understanding of light, shapes and spaces

To know the actual size and shapes of doors, windows and ventilator do not require the institutional degree. Basic common sense about this is enough. An interior designer must have experienced this.

8. Safety measures while designing the space

“Safety first” is the first and foremost condition of any construction. Everyone from the elderly to the children should design the interior keeping in mind the safety of the home. In particular, you need to have an accurate idea of where the proper place of electronic connection and electronic components.

9. Knowledge of how to sketch a blueprint

Skilled interior designers make a blueprint of architecture as soon as they see it or think of a new design, which later serves as a guide to the right design. So an interior designer must have basic knowledge about the sketch and blueprint.

10. Seek out a formal training

To be an interior designer one must have the basic educational requirements not necessarily a professional degree. To enter this profession one must have formal training about design, sketch, color, team management etc.

11. Study Interior design with a short term diploma

To be an experienced and successful interior designer one must have the understanding and basic knowledge about designing which can be gained from a professional diploma degree. If any customer could not find any degree of the designer normally he will not interested to him. So a diploma degree in interior designing is less expensive and consumes less time comparatively but it will help one to become successful in this industry.

12. Maintain an impressive portfolio

If anyone is interested to build up his/her career as an interior designer then it is the fundamental step. One must advertise himself by personal branding and portfolio by capturing photos of recent work, samples, sample boards, billboards, CAD drawings, sketches etc. nowadays people spend their time on Facebook so here social media is the best place for personal branding. Besides these friends, family members and groups, the website will help one to be an interior designer and promote creativity.

13. Maintain a good customer relationship

Focus on your customer because the customer is wealthy and the customer is always right. An interior designer must have the patient to deal with the customer. An interior designer must listen attentively to the requirements of the customer and prepare a structure for the customer and set the budget and required time. But if the customer doesn’t satisfy at the last stage should be angry with the customer better change or modify the design so that customer can be satisfied with the work and designer.

14. Knowledge of how to deal with customer

There are some customers who are very picky and they are not satisfied at all. Again, there are some customers who rely on the designer. So an interior designer must have the proper knowledge to deal with all types of customers perfectly.

15. Keep upgrading skills gradually

Normally it is too tough and time-worthy to obtain and develop technical skills, business knowledge, and design knowledge. Development is always a continuous process. So an interior designer should have maintained a good relationship with this industry and practice more and more by doing this job. Besides these he can join the formal meetings, gather customers review and build up a good relationship with experienced ones to upgrade his skill.

In conclusion, If you are a college student, there is a good chance that you have the desire to go into interior design. Whether it be because you have always wanted to be creative, you want to meet new people or you just want to get your foot in the door, you may be considering this move. However, there are a few things to keep in mind about interior design. First of all, it can be a very demanding field. Establishing a client base and gaining experience can be difficult. You also may be asked to use your creativity to display your skills.

Home interior designers are a young and rising profession. There are many other ways to be a home designer than having a degree in interior design. Having some experience in the industry can be very helpful.

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