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Essential Office Interior Design Checklist

office interior design checklist

Essential Office Interior Design Checklist

The office is the place where we spend most of the time of a day after our house so it is possible to concentrate on office work only by making that office tidy and well- equipped. Many office interior design company in Bangladesh are working tirelessly to make customer ideas a reality through office interior design according to their demand. Best office interior design always maintain some mandatory office interior design checklist without which no office design would be perfect.

Office Interior Design Checklist

The essential things (office interior design checklist) which must be followed by office interior design firm are

1. Overall Plan First

it is said that a proper planning works 50% of the work done. That why office interior design firm need to plan how to do the whole job, how much time and how many workers. Office interior design varies depending on the location of the office, the population of that area, the demand of that organization’s customer, the type of work of the company, the number of employees. If any office interior design firm follows those things and plan first than it will be best office interior design.

2. Make the Office space motivating for employees

this means making the space clam and quit and decorating the wall with perfect color, suitable furniture which ensures the motivation for the office employees. If the office space is inspiring for the employees the productivity of the organization will be increased magically. Only perfect interior design can create inspiration among the employees. If the office desks are organized properly so that employees can share their task, progress, discuss about problems, move easily and feel relax than this place can motivate employees.

If the office is small the office interior design firm makes plan for the best small office interior design so that this small place can fulfill the both organization and employees demand and create an inspiration for all.

3. Floor plans

only the best interior design firm can arrange the office floors according to the type of work. For example, what kind of desk will be on which floor, what kind of furniture will be there, what will be the decoration of the walls have to be decided in advance. The floor plan of the top level employees of the office will be one way and the floor plan of the employees of the office who deal with or provide services to customers will be different. The floor of the customer service staff will be spacious, full of light air, nice and furnished sofa for the home and there will be coffee floor to entertain the customers where the staff and customer can sit and discuss causally.

4. Celling plans

office celling is an important factor in designing a large office interior and it should be designed with utmost importance when planning the interior. Usually when there is an office with a large space, there is an echo of words which is very inconvenient for the office as it slows down the work and distracts the employees. This is why office celling should be sound absorber so that there is no echo in the office in a quiet environment. The celling of the meeting room should be such that the sound can be heard properly till the last desk. Sound system can often be arranged in the celling of the meeting room.

5. Color combination

at the time of interior design the color combination is not only the office but also the house, the hospital, the showroom, the studio is very important because on the one hand it matches the tastes of the office organizer and on the other hand the appropriate wall color brings a whiteness and accuracy in the office. The office should usually choose light pink, white, light blue, light green. The interior design company will decide where these colors will be in any combination. Appropriate color combination on the one hand enhances the beauty of the office and attracts customers on the other hand also increases the motivation of office workers.

6. Create Homely Nature

everyone has their own home in the most comfortable place because they feel most secure and easy if the office environment can be adapted to the home environment in any way, it will definitely increase the performance and productivity of the employees. Office interior , of course play a key role in creating a home-like environment , such as classic and comfortable furniture, separate cupboards for each employees to keep valuables safe , a separate place to hang out and lunch together. By ensuring all arrangements of all these office interior design firm can create homely nature for all employees.

best office interior design checklist

7. Focus on Meeting Space

it would not be a mistake to compare office meeting space with the heart of the human body. Because all office work decisions are made in the office meeting space. That’s why the meeting space needs to well – furnished, well- spaced and bright, moreover for bringing the natural look bonsai can be kept in this space. The first task of an office interior design firm is to determine the exact location of the meeting space. If the office is on a few floors, the meeting space will be on the middle floor. And if it is a small office or a one – storey office, the meeting space will be in the center so that everyone can easily attend the meeting. The most important thing when designing a meeting space is to ensure seating for a minimum of 20/30 employees and at the same time select comfortable furniture so that they can easily move. Projector-like technology is needed for meeting the power space for power point presentations, just as sound absorbing ceilings are needed for additional noise absorption, and ensuring these are the hallmarks of the best office interior design.

8. Create Natural vibe

Plants, bonsai and flowers are always a source of interior decoration which provide not only a natural look but also give freshness to all. When designing an office interior, if you can arrange to keep small creeper, plants, bonsai, flowering plants in the office lobby, reception or in a certain corner of the office, then it will protect the natural environment on the hand and keep everyone’s mind fresh and vibrant on the other.

9. Organized Desk

one of the main tools for performing all office work is the desk and the office interior design firm will select what kind of desk is needed for which type of work. For example, a desk with a few shelves for working separately, a desk with a locker for storing all office files and materials and a separate desk for meeting room are designed for office interiors.

10. Choose Classic, Comfortable & Healthy Furniture

As employees are spent long hours in the office so here comfort is the first requirement of them. Chairs should be selected for employees so that they don’t have difficulty in sitting and don’t have back pain for sitting for a long time… That’s why you need to choose a comfortable adjustable chair to match the rest of the office furniture. Visual and attractive furniture such as sofas, center tables, shoe shelves in the office reception area are the hallmarks of the office.


Hopefully, you found some helpful tips (office interior design checklist) on how to decorate your office space and make sure that it is a comfortable environment for both employees and visitors alike. While we can’t help with all aspects of interior design like furniture placement or desk layout, we would be happy to consult with you about what else might need attention in order for your company’s offices to feel more inviting. If you’re looking for an expert who can handle every aspect of office interior design from start-to-finish, contact us today! We offer free consultations so don’t hesitate–contact our team today!

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