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Effective and Innovative Office Interior Design Tips

office interior design tips

Effective and Innovative Office Interior Design Tips

If we define office, it is nothing but a place/building or an institution which is contained of several rooms and desks where employees perform their official objectives to fulfill the organizations demand. Employees of any organization normally stay 8 to 10 hours sometimes more than that in their office so it is mandatory to decorate office interior at nice way which must be visually pleasing to everyone. There are many office interior design company in Bangladesh which are doing their activities per customer demand. A smart office interior design firm follows some basic office interior design tips.

This informative topic will discuss trends in office interior design tips as well as how to implement these designs into your own space. Read on to find out more about effective innovative office interior design tips. The best way to get started with this topic is by first understanding the importance of good lighting in any professional environment. Innovative office interior design can be a challenge. You want to make sure that you’re designing your space in the most creative way possible, but also have an idea of how your employees will react. Designing for your own personal taste may not always work with others and it’s important to keep this in mind at all times when planning out the layout of your office space.

Do you want your office to be a place that is inviting, creative, and productive? If so, design your office space with these innovative tips.

Office Interior Design Tips

1. Reflect Office Interior Design with Eye-Catching and Up to Date

Like other interior designs, the interior design of the office should be visually pleasing and nice so that it helps in achieving the mission, vision and goals of a company. The first thing to look in office interior design is the harmony of the interior with the office work and of course the timeliness. If you don’t understand at first sight what kind of work is done in the office, then it will never be the best interior. Developed countries like America, Inland, Australia, Germany, china, all look at their office interiors to see how much time they have spent behind this interior design and it’s far reaching results. So office interior design firms must come up with eye-catching and modern designs that reflect the work of the office in terms of interior design.

2. Create Activity Based Working Space

At present almost every company designs their offices interior for their employees according to their type of work and wants to ensure such an environment of different works so that the employees can have the environment to do that particular job sitting there very comfortably. An example might make the matter clearer; for example, an employee may be doing a job that requires a very separate space so that he can do the job very carefully without any disturbance. Again maybe an employee is doing a job where everyone needs to be discussed, group meetings need to be held, so there will be a separate conference room or collaboration space.

All the different types of activity-based working space are listed below

  • Open office Areas: It is a traditional office interior design in hutch where there will be lined desks for all staffs and does not maintain much privacy. Employees can easily move here and there and discusses with different topics. Each employee has individual office materials on his own desk like computer or personal laptop, file etc. this type of interior is suitable where employees are need to collaborate to each other and discuss abut project.
  • Privacy Areas:  Normally banks or non-bank financial organization maintain this type of areas because here some activities should maintain high privacy such as bank locker , cash counter etc. besides this in every office nowadays maintain separate small , enclosed private room for those employees who do the toughest job where concentration is must.
  • Discussion area:  This is the place where all office workers meet at least once a day to discuss their progress. It’s like a big conference room where minimum 15 to 20 employees can easily sit and discuss. So this type of rooms should be well spaced, well decorated and should have natural lighting system.
  • Lounge areas: This is an area where there will be work fatigue reduction, there will be comfortable sofas, chairs, coffee tables and eye- smoothing furniture.

office interior design ideas

3. Maintain Flexibility

The modernity that has been added to the current office interior design is the flexibility. Out of the usual stereotypes, if the office is flexible, then it must be worker- friendly and it will be easier to achieve the company’s goal. What we mean by normally flexible interior is that you can change the space or move your desk, chair if necessary. In the office, sometimes unannounced meetings are often arranged, in which case an emergency meeting is called in an emergency. If the interior is flexible, it is very easy to arrange a meeting with a single desk.

One of the components of flexible interior for workers is unassigned seating arrangements. Which means that each employee is not imposed to work at a specific desk or workstation and can choose any desk or workstation if necessary. Nowadays best office interior design means the flexible workplace which is occupied with a simple desk and chair with only a computer, monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

4. Ensure Collaboration Opportunities through Design

Every organization maintain a space or common room where collaboration of officials is available which is also known as meeting place. If the office space is small but the interior design ensure collaboration opportunities through their unique and intellectual design this will be best small office interior design. Best office interior design confirms intentional zones where small or large groups can gather, share their progress, updates or next plans.

5. Ensuring Home like Atmosphere through Design

Since employees have to stay in the office most of the day, if the office interior design is as friendly and comfortable as the home environment, then the motivation of the employees to work will undoubtedly double. Offering bright and comfortable sofas, beautiful furniture, ping-pong tables to lounge areas can ensure the workplace as relaxing and stress-free as possible. If the interior design provide areas where employees can take short breaks to give their bodies and minds a rest so that they can recharge and become productive throughout the day.

Experts believe that nowadays employees are highly cherished home like atmosphere at office because they desire to work remotely from home. Though working remotely from home is generally consider at odds with upper management but many managers and executives are now desiring to design their workplaces to be so comfortable which provide them home environment , that motivates employees to stay in the office for as long as possible.

Some of the home like atmosphere that desired by employees are –

  • Beautiful furniture, Almira, coffee table
  • Beautiful verandas, rooftop garden
  • Coffee shop, lunch table, snakes space
  • GYM facilities, accommodation facilities (in emergency case)
  • Baby daycare facilities for women employees

6. Encourage Productivity for Employees

Research has shown that having a nice office interior makes employees more productive than those who don’t. Because if the office interior is employee friendly they can feel comfortable, move easily, call meetings at emergency which will help to increase the productivity of the employees. Sometimes manager or top level employees need quite area space which will be clam & quite , if the office interior offers them furnished separate room this will also helpful.

7. Ensure Memorable First Impression with Reception Space

There is a proverb in Bengali “First the philosopher then the judge”. That why the most important thing in office interiors is the charming furniture, beautiful vases or the use of green plans. If the reception is captivating then it will attract the client. Best office interior design ensure the modern & impressive reception desk with modern technology and also maintain well-furnished guest waiting room which increase the office demand.


Do you find yourself having difficulty concentrating in your office? Is the design of your office space a big factor? A recent study found that around 50% of people believe their work environment has a significant impact on their productivity and ability to focus. This is because offices with aesthetically pleasing designs have been shown to boost employee morale and creativity, increase productivity levels, and decrease absenteeism rates. In order for an office interior design to be successful it must meet three key points: be functional, maintain good air quality (or reduce the risk of poor air quality), and provide employees with adequate daylight exposure.

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